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November is the month for giving thanks and enjoying others’ cooking, but it’s also a great time for you to get in on the action and try out some recipes you may never have thought of trying before, right in your own West Lafayette apartment. November 8th is “Cook Something Bold Day”, so read this month’s Collegiate Communities blog post for a few recipes you can try that are sure to amaze your friends and dinner guests.


Bold turkeys

If you’re looking to wow everyone at the table this Thanksgiving, go straight to the heart of the holiday meal: spice up the look of your turkey by making it tie-dyed. All you need to do is mix white wine, melted butter, and food coloring together and inject it into the turkey. Chef Matt Foreman usually eyeballs the ratios and tastes it until he likes it, and then adds in the food coloring until he gets the color he wants. He’s found that darker, more intense colors, such as bright primary colors, work best. Mix several small bowls of different colors and use a turkey injector to inject them into the bird. Roast like you would any normal turkey, serve, and be ready for the exclamations of delight.


Side note: It might be a good idea to not use the gravy from this turkey, though: the colors will mix and, while it may still be delicious, the resulting grayish color could make your guests skeptical of the dish. Instead, make the gravy you’ll use separately.


Another way to make a delightful turkey is to wrap it in bacon. Follow this recipe from the Daily Meal if you want some instructions. All of your bacon-loving buddies would be proud.


Fancy pies

Making a fancy-looking pie is another great way to make something bold this month. You can spruce up a simple pie by experimenting with fun designs for pie crusts. Get inspiration from food stylist Judy Kim or this creative pie crusts article, or have some fun with cookie cutters while you’re preparing your pie crust to make something entirely your own.


Adding pretty toppings onto simple pies, like you would while making this pumpkin pie with caramel pecan topping recipe, can also be a fun and easy way to make something bold this Thanksgiving.


Cool sides

Sides don’t have to be boring or traditional to complement a meal. Take a look at these 31 unexpected Thanksgiving sides for a great twist on your favorite sides. From chipotle Coca-Cola sweet potatoes to herbed feta biscuits and even pretzel bread and quinoa stuffing, you will have plenty of options for a recipe that will have everyone calling you the master of the kitchen.


What are some recipes you’re looking forward to making this month? We hope you find fun and happiness making something bold this November! Happy Thanksgiving!