Crafts for National Craft Month to Inspire Creativity

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March is National Craft Month! Today’s the Collegiate Communities Blog is here to share DIY craft projects with you to get you pumped and ready for tackling that project that’s been on your mind — or, if you need inspiration, these new ones!

Create a lovely decoration piece to put up in apartment, a trinket that’s fun to play with, or an art piece just because it’s fun to make. We hope you enjoy being crafty this month in West Lafayette, IN.

DIY Moisturizing Bath Bombs from Instructables

Make these bath bombs to create a relaxing evening for yourself. You’ll need baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, Epsom salts, water, oil of your choice, essential oils, and food coloring. You can find all kinds of other bath bomb recipes online so find one you like with the ingredients that you have at your apartment if you can’t find these. Enjoy!

Hot Glue Canvas Art from The Crazy Craft Lady

This is a great craft that can give you loads of inspiration. If you want to make this exact hot glue canvas art piece from the link above you’ll need these supplies: a stretched canvas, a printer and paper, a pencil, tape, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, craft paint, and paint brushes. With these items the sky's the limit. Write or draw something with the glue gun and paint over it with your choice of colors and enjoy your masterpiece! For similar ideas check out this hot glue gun craft list from A Girl and A Glue Gun.

DIY Map Magnets from The Happy Housie

This DIY project is not only quick and easy, but functional, as well. You can change up the instructions and get creative to make something unique! For these map magnets you’ll need clear glass rocks, Mod Podge, a paint brush, scissors, a pencil, maps to cut up, magnets, and a hot glue gun.

Which of these projects inspired you to make something? What are your favorite ways to craft or create something? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!