Crafts to Try this Winter

It’s winter here in West Lafayette, IN! Bring some holiday or seasonal cheer to your apartment at Collegiate Communities by trying a craft or two. They’re fun for decorating or simply keeping you busy, on your own or with friends.


Fish Bowl Snowman from Smart School House

This adorable idea is sure to catch an eye, wherever you put it in your apartment! All you’ll need is three fish bowls (in slightly varying sizes), fake snow, village townspeople, and a hat (or material to make the hat). It makes a big statement without too much hassle!


Floating Ornaments Tree from Pinterest

The link from the pin above takes you to a German page with some beautiful wood leaf-inspired DIY crafts you might want to try if you’re looking for something fun to do with candles or mini pumpkins. However, we love the idea the original pin shows of floating ornaments. Just head to your favorite local craft store for a triangle wood cut out, a hook, fishing wire, and ornaments. It’s beautiful for a minimalistic design.


Falalalala Garland from Tumblr

We love garlands because you can make them exactly how you want them with the materials you have on hand. This photo from the Anchored in New England Tumblr blog is perfect to get your creative gears turning. If you want to copy the look, see if you can find letters from a craft store — or make your own with felt or a Cricut. Then punch a couple holes through the top of each letter and string some twine through it and you’re ready to hang it wherever you’d like.


What are your favorite crafts to make this time of year? How else do you like to decorate for the season? Share your ideas with the rest of us by leaving a comment! Thanks for reading. Good luck, have fun, and happy holidays!