Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

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Welcome to October! Halloween is coming up. If you want to dress up but you haven’t already decided on a costume, you’re in luck! Today the Collegiate Communities Blog is all about easy last-minute Halloween costume ideas you can use or get inspiration from. Find something that suits your personality and get crafting and within minutes you’ll be set for your celebrations at school, work, or your apartment here in West Lafayette, IN.


Dress up as this iconic celebrity by snagging your Sia costume wig and finding clothing basics that will work for your red carpet moment. You can also buy your own oversized bow headband, or you can make one with the directions from the Bunny Baubles blog. Especially if you have a nice black or white blazer and some dress pants or a sleek black top and skirt, this is an easy grab-and-go costume. Don your favorite fiery red lipstick to pull it all together.


This clever DIY costume requires a cardboard box, an X-acto knife or box cutter, spare tupperware (all of the same size), glue, and paint. Follow the directions on the blog for assembling it. This easy costume is sure to be a hit, especially with the kids!

Raining Men

This punny costume only requires a bit of time, rain gear, a printer, a sewing needle, and fishing line. Get two photos of each man so they can be seen at all angles. Then attach them to the fishing line and sew it to the ends of your umbrella for a flashy costume you can easily set down when you’re working.

Queen Bee

Create some buzz in your office or classroom by putting together this cute ensemble. Make your own crown or buy one from a nearby craft or party store. If you don’t want to be a queen bee, you can ditch the crown and be a busy bee or a worker bee.

Then you just have to make sure you have a yellow or black shirt you can work some magic on to create the iconic black and yellow stripes. Just head to a sewing supply shop to buy your fabric and do some easy sewing for the desired effect. You can also use tape, as WikiHow suggests. Then buy some bee or fairy wings so your costume can take flight.

We hope you enjoy these suggestions and any other last-minute Halloween costume ideas you come up with this year. Happy Halloween!