1. What is a redecoration fee? Why do I pay this?

The redecoration fee is intended to cover the costs associated with returning your apartment to “like new” condition, keeping normal wear and tear in mind, although you will be responsible for general cleaning of your apartment prior to vacating.

2. How does roommate matching work?

We will try our best to help you with a roommate(s) that meets your needs. In order for us to find the most suitable roommate(s) available in our network, we ask that you contact the leasing office and request a roommate matching form. Once complete, a leasing specialist will review your answers and place you with the most suitable roommates based upon your selected profile. Our social media is another excellent way to meet possible roommates!

3. What happens if I don’t like my roommate?

If you have signed an individual term lease we can indeed help match you with a roommate. However, Collegiate Communities can’t guarantee that all preferences can be met. If a conflict does arise please contact the leasing office and we will see if we can do anything for you. However, Collegiate Communities is not responsible or liable for any claims, damages, or actions of any nature whatsoever relating to, arising out of or connected with disputes between potential or selected roommates.

4. What is an individual term lease?

Individual leasing means peace of mind for both parents and students. An individual lease means you are only responsible for your student’s space, not the full apartment as a typical joint lease would be structured. Common areas are shared responsibility among all roommates (ie, living room, kitchen, etc.).

Our term lease structure is a lease that begins on a specified date and ends on a specified date, for one fee. This fee is conveniently administered in 12 installments.

5. How do I qualify for a lease at The Collegiate?

In order to finalize your lease documents you must qualify to reside with us. There are four ways to qualify:

  1. Parental Sponsor Guaranty
  2. I-20 with qualifications
  3. Financial Aid with qualifications
  4. Income with qualifications

Please contact our leasing office to discuss the various options for qualifying to reside at The Collegiate.

6. Can I bring my own furniture?

You may bring whatever furniture you wish with you. Only In our apartments we provide bedroom furniture (a full twin-size bed set and dresser). You have the option of utilizing this furniture when you sign your lease, or you can choose to not receive it. You will need to provide all of your own furniture in the common areas in the apartments. House residents are expected to provide and use their own furniture.

7. Do you have maintenance service?

Non-emergency requests for maintenance can be submitted via our website at any given time and will be handled by the management staff as soon as possible. Our average turnaround time for maintenance requests is within 24-hours during the work week. 24-hour emergency maintenance is provided by calling the office number. After hours you will be prompted to leave a message, following the automated instructions on the office number. Your message will be responded to by our on-call service technician. It is our express goal to respond to any general service need within 24 hours.

8. Will I be charged for maintenance repairs?

You will not be charged for standard maintenance repairs. Charges would only be issued for repairs due to negligence.

9. Can I install a satellite dish?

If you would like to upgrade your cable service you are more than welcome to, but the property does have a few restrictions when it comes to securing a satellite dish to our building structure. Please contact the office for more details.

10. Do you allow pets?

Yes!  We are a pet friendly community. We accept cats, dogs, birds, and fish. We don't have a weight limit for dogs, but do not allow the following breeds or mixes of these breeds: pit bull, doberman, rottweiler, chow, akita, german shepherd, boxer, airedale terrier, & staffordshire bull terrier. Also all birds must remain caged at all times and fish tanks can't exceed 30 gallons and must be cleaned regularly. Pet fee required.