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Collegiate Community Blog welcomes you to the month of October. To help you get in the spirit of Halloween, we’re bringing you some tutorials that you can follow to decorate your front door for this festive holiday. Try out one of the following so that everyone who enters your West Lafayette, IN apartment feel the spirit of Halloween: 

Burlap Pumpkin Door Hanger by Michaels

Looking for something a bit classier this year to use as a Halloween decoration? Using this tutorial from Michaels, make a pumpkin-shaped door hanger primarily out of burlap. Pumpkins are a great decorative option for fall because they remind people of jack o'lanterns at Halloween, yet they work well throughout the rest of the fall season too! To add some flare to your pumpkin, create a border using fake fall leaves and branches.

Nice to Eat You by Huffpost

Turn your front door into a monster’s wide open mouth using this fun tutorial! Using craft foam, cut out a row of teeth and two glowing eyes. Then, place the teeth on the upper edge of the door frame with the eyes resting above to simulate an open mouth! Rather than scaring people away, this decoration is a fun way to make it look like apartment guests are being “eaten” each time they walk inside. 

Creepy Crawly Door by Jane Can

This Halloween, transform your front door into a giant spider web! Rather than using the classic fake cobwebs that tend to fall down easily, follow this tutorial to create a simple yet good-looking “web” design. You’ll need chunky white yarn to create the web, as well as styrofoam balls, black paint, and pipe cleaners for the spiders.

Crow Door Decor by Idlewife

You often see black cat decorations around this time of year, but how often do you see crows? Thanks to Edgar Allan Poe, they’re a classic element of horror; thanks to some help from Idlewife, black crows can be used to create the perfect door decorations! All you’ll need is thick black paper and some printed crow silhouettes and before you know it, you’ll have a whole flock of crows to arrange all across your front door. 

We hope these ideas gave you some inspiration to turn your front door into a fun Halloween scene.