Healthy Recipes for a Fresh Start to 2018

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Meal-prepping isn’t always the most fun, easy, or natural thing to do or incorporate into our busy schedules here in West Lafayette, IN. However, it can save you time and money while encouraging better eating habits! Start your year off on the right foot by planning some healthy and delicious meals in your apartment at Collegiate Communities. Start with these recipes!


Chicken Broccoli Alfredo from Julia’s Album

If it takes combining broccoli with perfectly moist grilled chicken and creamy pasta to get you or a loved one to eat the vegetable, go for it! This recipe yields a meal you can eat for dinner that tastes just as good warmed up for lunch the next day as it did fresh.


Turkey Avocado Ranch Club Wraps from Chelsea’s Messy Apron

This recipe makes the most of the tasty combination of turkey and avocado and spices it up just enough by having you add a bit of ranch into the mix. Add some cheese, bacon, and tomatoes to complete the range of flavors and textures. The author of this recipe knows you’ll love.


Turkey Taco Burrito Bowls from Together As Family

Turkey as a substitute for beef is a more lean option for those avoiding red meats. You’ll need ground turkey, salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder, chili powder, onion powder, oregano, paprika, all-purpose flour, beef broth, tomato sauce, black beans, corn, cooked rice, and any toppings you want with your bowl. Those toppings might include shredded lettuce, salsa, cheese, avocado slices, olives, guacamole, and sour cream.


Fried Honey Bananas from Rachel Schultz

Frying bananas is always a great and flavorful idea! Eat them on pancakes, in yogurt, or alone. This makes for a tasty breakfast or late-afternoon snack. Trust us — you won’t be disappointed.


What are your favorite healthy recipes? Share your must-haves and go-tos with the rest of us by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading. Good luck, have fun, and enjoy!