Hobbies to Try in 2019

It’s all too easy to get bogged down by the goals and major life changes you want to make, even at the start of a new year here in West Lafayette, IN. So at the Collegiate Communities Blog are giving the green light for you to do something fun, just for you. Try a hobby! Here are a few great ones we think you’ll enjoy, in or out of your apartment.


The world is an incredible place. Get out and enjoy nature when the weather clears. Take a walk around your favorite park or take a road trip to a state or national monument to bask in the wonders of the earth. Hiking is good for your body, but definitely also good for your soul. Don’t forget to bring emergency items, plenty of food and water, lather up on the sunscreen, and leave no trace (yes, even on social media!).

Food Tasting

This one combines a few hobbies in one. You don’t have to be a foodie with a million or even a thousand Instagram followers to delight in the culinary creations of those around you. Explore Indiana and find those hole-in-the-wall restaurants, wineries, or other spots to try new foods. You can even try baking or cooking to develop your own skills in the kitchen (and reap the benefits).


Life is full of beautiful moments. Try to capture one! All you need is a device you probably already have in your pocket (or something you can buy at varying price points to fit your budget and your end result goals). Don’t think you have to stick to nature or even portrait photography, either. You can be any type of photographer you want or feel inspired to be.

And if photography isn’t your medium, look for another way to produce art! The options are endless.

We hope you have fun while trying a new hobby this year. Remember, let it be a source of fun and relaxation for you! Don’t let the tough times or growing pains get you down. Good luck!