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Welcome back to the Collegiate Communities Blog! We hope you’ve had a great first few weeks of 2018, in or out of your apartment in West Lafayette, IN. Of course, today we’re here to help you continue to make your home a peaceful retreat from the outside world. Try some of these home scents in your apartment for a relaxing environment.


DIY Natural Spring Home Scents from eHow

Curate scents that specifically invoke feelings of and references to spring by trying these mixtures. The clean flavor and scent of produce like cucumbers will combine with the spunkier sweet ones of grapefruit to make a soothing mixture you can store and heat up in no time.


Illume Saffron Lavender Reed Diffuser from Organic Spa

Organic spa points out that along with the classic relaxing scent of lavender, chamomile, verbena, and saffron can be “helpful in treating insomnia and respiratory issues.” Get a candle of the scent if you’re not into diffusers.


Frasier Fir Pine Needle Candle from Thymes

According to the Huffington Post and a Japanese Study, pine can soothe stress and decrease anxiety levels. It makes sense if you associate happy feelings with the winter holidays and the scent of a freshly cut holiday tree. Try out this candle for a beautiful candle and a crisp fragrance that burns for 50 hours, or find one on Amazon that looks good for you and the room that will house it.


Homemade Gel Air Freshener from Homespun with Love

Sometimes all we need to feel comfortable and fresh in our home is a spritz or two of an air freshener with a clean scent. Try making your own by trying out this recipe! The great thing is you can choose essential oils in your favorite scents, another way to keep you feeling comfortable and happy in your apartment.


What are your favorite home scents or ways to use those home scents? Share your ideas with the rest of us by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading. Have fun, and enjoy!