How to Make Your Tan at the Tanning Bed Last

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Get and keep a healthy summer glow this month and all year without spending too much time out in the harsh sun here in West Lafayette, IN by using the indoor tanning beds at Collegiate Communities! Our apartment community features this amenity for your benefit, so today we’re providing tips for making the most of your tan to do it well.


Know your skin.

Before tanning, make sure you know your skin type. Think about how your skin has reacted to sun in the past and listen to it so you don’t burn! Those with lighter hair and eyes most likely burn easily. Start with a small amount of tanning time and slowly work up to more.


Shower beforehand.

As with most things, starting with a clean slate is a smart idea for getting a clean, fresh, beautiful look. Take a shower and exfoliate the dead skin from your body. This enables you to get an even, clean tan, and it helps it last longer, too!


Lather up.

Tanning lotions range in price from low to high, and each has different benefits. Yes, we recommend wearing tanning lotions when using our tanning beds, but it’s up to you to decide which one. Here is a list on tanning bed lotions for you to check out!


Wear goggles.

Protective eye wear in the tanning bed will keep your eyes safe. Find eyewear at a local tanning salon or online.


Take it slow.

As with regular tanning, tanning in the bed can, if not monitored, lead to sunburns. Avoid these at all cost! Not only are they potentially harmful long-term, but they’re also painful, and your tan should definitely not be painful. Tips for Tanning suggests that you start small and work your way up to 25 minutes in the bed. Stop immediately if you begin to feel prickling or stinging on your skin.


What indoor tanning tips help you keep a smooth tan? Share your thoughts with the rest of us in the comments. We hope you find these tips useful as you’re tanning this month and any other time of the year!