Laundry Day Got You Down? Conquer It Today

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At Collegiate Communities, we know that laundry is never the most exciting or time-friendly chore, especially as a student. Here are a few suggestions to make your laundry day a breeze so that you can enjoy more time around West Lafayette, IN.

First off, find a system for treating and sorting your clothes day by day. Doing this makes finishing the chore of laundry easy come laundry day. If you’ve prepared beforehand, you don’t have to spend as much time rummaging through piles of clothes for finding items you want to wash together or stopping at every item to treat them with specific stain removers. 

Instead, keep this stain solutions guide handy so you can treat your clothes as needed on the fly. Invest in a few separate laundry bins or mesh bags so you can throw the items you need to wash together in their respective bags. Sure, it might take a few minutes out of your night, but it will save loads of time come laundry day.

Similarly, make an effort to eliminate bad smells before they get out of hand or stink up a room. Baking soda does wonders to help you in this endeavor. It works by soaking up the moisture and eliminating odors, so sprinkle some in smelly shoes or even in a nylon sock you’ve thrown in a hamper to get rid of bad smells and freshen up your room and laundry bins.

Pay attention to labels and wash according to any directions on them so you can ensure the highest quality of your things as long as possible. Be sure not to over-stuff your laundry, either. Doing so can make it difficult for the water and soap to reach and clean all parts of each item, keeping dirt trapped.

We hope these tips will help you keep laundry under control at your apartment — here’s to clean, fresh-smelling laundry!