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Welcome back to the Collegiate Communities Blog and the start of a new semester! We want to help our students get and stay on the right track when it comes to studying, so we’re offering a few songs you can listen to for a great study session, in your apartment, a library, or your school here in West Lafayette, IN.


Four Seasons” by Vivaldi

If you’re the type of person who can’t concentrate well with songs full of lyrics playing in the background, try out some classical music! Just push play on this 42-minute YouTube track for a stimulating set of movements to keep your brain active. Plus, studies have shown that classical music helps your brain functions.


Blank Space” cover by Rhodes

If you’re in a mood for some Taylor Swift magic but you need something more soothing than her hit, check out this cover. Rhodes takes her punchy beat to the piano to give it a beautiful heartfelt twist.


The Official Library Study Collection’s Brain Music Spotify Playlist

“Classic” doesn’t have to be limited to violins, symphonies, and age-old quartets! This playlist proves that you can go lyric-less and instrument-focused while staying up with the times and listening to some beautiful scores. We also appreciate how this playlist incorporates specific situations you might find especially useful for listening to each song (for example, while you’re reading books, trying creative writing, or studying for final exams).


Maisonneuvemusic’s Acoustic Guitar Focus: Instrumental Songs for Studying and Concentration Spotify Playlist

Another Spotify playlist that’s instrument heavy, this one focuses on guitar music. The rhythm of the picking and strumming is sure to inspire you and help you feel ready for success, without feeling like you’re listening to the same track for hours!


Songs that bring you joy

If none of these songs and playlists work for you or suit your preferences, create your own study playlist! Associate positive, productive emotions with your learning to help yourself have a good attitude and process information better. Go through your own music library and create a playlist specifically for studying. Whether you keep it full of calming music or music that makes you want to dance, no matter the genre, incorporate tracks you can stay awake to and take joy in.


What are your favorite songs or music playlists to listen to for a successful study session? Let us know in the comments so we can try them out! Thanks for reading. Good luck, and enjoy!