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February is all about love, so why not learn about how people feel it? We’re talking about Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages®. You can read all about it, but we’re taking it a step further. Take the quiz, send it to a friend or significant other, and compare results! Then find just the right gift for them this Valentine’s Day.


Words of Affirmation

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to find a memorable way to say “I love you.” Show them with the art of communication. Write a poem, love letter, or card with your favorite things about them or your relationship.


You can also find their favorite artist, writer, or character in a movie or literature. Get them a gift commemorating that from Etsy or another online shop. And don’t forget the power of music. Tickets to an upcoming show can help you bond over their love for a musician, and a night of karaoke will give you the chance to sing them their favorite song for a fun but just big enough gesture of love.


Acts of Service

The world is full of opportunities to serve. Volunteer at a food kitchen or otherwise serve someone in your community. Doing something good for the world will speak to them and add happiness to your relationship.


At home, make your loved one’s life easier. A simple breakfast in bed can set the tone for a bright day while doing chores (and doing them right) can take a load off their shoulders.


Receiving Gifts

Getting the right gift for someone who cares about gifts can seem daunting, but the key to doing it successfully is to pay attention! Think about what they’ve been hinting at, saving on social media, or even talking about that you can buy, make, or personalize to suit your loved one. Do your research and look up their Amazon wish lists or Pinterest boards to hit the jackpot.


Quality Time

One of the things your loved one probably loves the most about you is simply your company. Gift them a shared experience this month. Book a wine, chocolate, or cheese tasting together. Put together a basket for a picnic or a romantic evening under the stars. Or spend Valentine’s Day cooking, eating, doing puzzles, watching movies, or enjoying shared hobbies together.


Physical Touch

Help someone feel loved, special, and rejuvenated with a gift that does their body good. Massage oil, a massage (or a couple’s one), body lotion, bath bombs, a dance class, a new outfit, or even a trip to an amusement park may be just the thing.


What’s your love language? What gift ideas do you think would work with them? Share your thoughts with the rest of the Collegiate Communities apartment community in the comments so we can all get inspired this Valentine’s Day in West Lafayette, IN!